When choosing food for our furkids, we often think of grain-free, kind of meat, and the amount of protein it has. Little did we know, we are forgetting one important factor that can greatly affect the quality of pet food: the source. 

At Wishbone Pet Foods, we source our ingredients and manufacture our products in one of the best places on earth to make pet food: New Zealand. Here are the top reasons why we choose New Zealand: 

Quality of ingredients 

The quality of ingredients is directly related to the flavor and nutrients included in your pet food. Ideally, the ingredients that go into your furkid’s meal must be natural, fresh, clean, and safe, meaning, they are free from harmful contaminants and artificial chemicals. 

Famous for its lush pastures, pristine waters, and fresh air, New Zealand is among the cleanest places on earth. It’s temperate climate, high rainfall, and fertile lands produce one of the world’s best fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This makes New Zealand a great source of premium ingredients for both human and pet food, like Wishbone. 

Humanely raised, eco-friendly meats 

New Zealand follows an animal welfare code that requires them to raise poultry, fishes, and cattle in natural conditions. This means that animals are in cage-free environments, free to roam and graze upon lush grasslands, are not given artificial hormones and antibiotics, and are prepared as humanely as possible. 

This is why New Zealand is one of the only four countries graded ‘A’ by the World Animal Index for supporting animal welfare. Furthermore, the New Zealand king salmon used in Wishbone Ocean is rated as ‘Best Choice’ by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watchan organization dedicated to ensuring sustainable and safe ocean farming practices. 

Safety goes first 

When it comes to food products, New Zealand has one of the strictest safety standards in the world. The country applies stringent biosecurity measures on raising and feeding cattle. They are also recognized to be animal disease-free by the World Organization for Animal Health.  

Aside from these, pet food manufacturers in New Zealand are required to comply with its pet food manufacturing regulations. Wishbone’s manufacturer, Addiction Foods, must ensure that the pet foods are made using quality raw materials, under hygienic environments, and with complete nutritional properties while prioritizing food safety. 

With Wishbone, you’re assured that you’re feeding your furkids with food that you can trust. See our healthy, gourmet recipes for dogs and cats and you will love all the goodness that’s in Wishbone. 


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