Many pet parents are worried about their furkid’s diet after the USFDA released reports on grain-free dog food and DCM. But according to experts, taurine supplementation can help reduce the risk. 

Increased DCM cases and grain-free diets 

Just recently, an increase in the cases of DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs has left the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) concerned. From their reports, they noticed that the cases are from dog breeds that do not have a genetic disposition to DCM. Meaning, they did not genetically acquire the disease. 

What caught the FDA’s attention is that these dogs share one common factor, which is grain-free diets. This led to the assumption that grain-free diets may cause DCM in dogs. 

These reports, however, would require more research as the cause of DCM in dogs remains unknown. But conditions like a weak heart or certain infections may possibly increase the risk of your furkid to DCM. 

What causes DCM? 

The possible correlation between grain-free diets and DCM would require further research as the cause of DCM in dogs remains unknown. An article from PetMD states that: 

“Although the definitive cause of DCM in dogs is unknown, the disease is believed to have several factors, including nutrition, infectious disease, and genetics. Nutritional deficiencies related to taurine and carnitine have been found to contribute to the formation of DCM in certain breeds, such as Boxers and Cocker Spaniels.” 

Like how beneficial the amino acid taurine is for cats, pet parents will need to look for dog food with added taurine to help protect their furkid’s heart from diseases like DCM. 

Add taurine to grain-free pet food 

Experts aren’t really sure about what causes DCM, but there’s one thing they know: taurine-deficiency increases your furkid’s risk of developing DCM. Taurine is an important amino acid that aids in healthy heart function. So remember to look at your pet food’s labels and see if taurine is included in the ingredients list, like Wishbone Pet Foods. 

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