Is man’s best friend now officially part of the family? Well, their crazy antics resemble a child or a younger sibling who constantly seeks for your attention and affection. Some dogs even want to cuddle as much as your spouse.

In his or her own way, your dog reciprocates their needs by showing you that you deserve their attention and affection as if you were part of the pack. Here are the 10 reasons you know your dog is actually family.

1) Serving as your personalized alarm clock

You no longer need to complain about how your mom didn’t wake you up on time for school or work. Your dog is always up to the task of getting you out of bed early every morning, even waaaay before your alarm clock rings.

2) Not telling you to dress to impress

Your mom might hate seeing you wear those comfy, worn down sweatshirt and pants. But your dog won’t care about how you look as long as you stay by his side. How lucky can you be that your dog accepts all of you with an open heart, even if you lounge in your pajamas all week.

3) Not complaining about your basic or non-existent cooking skills

Guilty of cooking a frozen dinner or instant ramen every day because these are the only meals you can make? Blessed are you to be born a human in the modern times.

Your dog might not complain about your questionable eating habits, but he doesn’t deserve to receive the same eating style as you do. Give him home-style grain-free food as nutritious as Wishbone, which comes in three exciting flavors: Lake, Ocean, and Pasture.

4) Following you everywhere

No, that strange presence you’re feeling that is constantly lurking behind you is not a ghost; it’s most likely your dog. Dogs love to follow their human parents and watch their movements. This may be because of something as scientific as an imprint or a reason as sweet as pure companionship.

5) Giving you a reason not to leave the house

…or go to work. There are only two moments in your dog’s life that he will use his secret weapon against you – those irresistibly cute puppy eyes. It’s whenever he feels hungry or when you’re about to leave for work so you will stay home.

6) Grabbing your things just to feel closer to you

It can be annoying to see your dog steal and chew on your clothes, but don’t get too upset. Your used clothes, dirty socks, or even underwear can be an object that comforts him while you’re away. Your dog misses you and loves staying beside you.

7) Jumping on you when you come home

He quietly sits and stares outside the window as if longing for a love that has gotten away, sees you walking from afar, and his mood quickly brightens, runs and jumps towards you, making you fall over in your front yard and happily licks you all over your face.

No matter how long or short you’ve been away, your dog will always be excited to see and welcome you. You might even feel like your dog gives you more love than your sibling or spouse at times.

8) Taking you out on afternoon walks

…because you need exercise, and your dog knows that well. Having a dog with you is a great reason to go out and be active. Just be sure to rehydrate him as you exercise and feed healthy meals, like Wishbone, if you are going on longer runs or hikes.

9) Inviting you to play with him almost every five minutes

Living with a dog gives you a playmate for life. They will most likely never get bored or tired of playing fetch. You may want to start working out your arms for non-stop pitching the whole day, every day.

10) Spending the night with you

Nights can get lonely especially if you’re living away from your family. If your dog sleeps or wants to sleep beside you in bed, you should embrace the moment. Dogs may naturally find sleeping as a vulnerable moment for them. So, sleeping beside you means your dog feels safe with you by his side.

Reading through these 10 reasons, you may have already known that dogs are family. No matter how crazy our dogs are, they’re the best companion we could ever ask for.

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