If you live with a cat, you might have wondered if your feline buddy loves you too.

Sometimes, your cat will snuggle between your legs wanting your attention. But the moment you reach out to pet him, he changes his mind and scratches your hand. This makes us cat parents feel like we are living with the storyline of a romantic comedy.

Trust us, your cat does see you as family. Though it might look different than how dogs shower their pet parents with love, cats do show love in unique ways. If you’re not convinced, here are 10 reasons cats love you as family:

1. Religiously wakes you up at almost the same time every morning

…acting like a kid excited for a bowl of his favorite cereals. However, asking for breakfast might not be the only reason for his actions. Like us, cats are creatures of habit. They can become familiar with seeing you wake up every day for work and may simply want to offer you some help.

2. Loves talking with you

According to cat experts, adult cats do not use meows to communicate to other cats. Instead, meowing is exclusively reserved for us humans. Usually a cat meows to say hi, call our attention, ask for food, or let us know what they want.

3. Good at Entertaining You

Like dogs, cats can be goofy and funny too. It’s impressive to watch them do acrobatic moves while catching their favorite toy. It’s also very amusing to watch them chase a laser pointer and check if they successfully caught the elusive red dot.

4Doesn’t need to be pampered with expensive toys 

Cats have the amazing ability to turn almost anything into a toy – yarn balls, cardboard boxes, empty water bottles, toilet paper roll tubes, or even your door stopper. To him, your house is the perfect indoor playground.

5. Gives relaxing paw massages

Kneading can mean several things for a cat, but kittens instinctively do this to get milk from the mother cat. If your adult cat tends to knead your lap as you pet him, it means he’s simply showing that he loves and ‘kneads’ you.

6Actively helps you with work or chores by ‘getting in the way’

No, your cat doesn’t intend to interrupt you while working or cleaning the house. He’s simply wants to spend more time with you like how your sweet child volunteers on doing housework…only much better because cats won’t complain about it.

7. Can be safely left alone at home

Don’t feel upset if your cat doesn’t make a scene when you’re leaving home for work. Cats are naturally independent creatures and can keep themselves occupied for hours. They are also responsible enough to bury their litter, so you won’t have to worry about returning to a messy home.

But before you leave your cat alone at home, make sure to provide him accessible water source in case he gets thirsty. Also, don’t forget to feed him nutritious food that can help keep him get going through the day, like Wishbone, which comes in two flavors: Pasture and Roost.

8Regularly keeps himself clean for you

Like how cats are responsible enough to use a litter box, they can also keep themselves clean. Grooming or licking helps your cat maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat, as well as remove excess hair and dirt. You don’t have to regularly give them baths – not that they actually want you to give them one.

9Are great hunters and will offer you ‘gifts’

Cats are natural house pest exterminators. Your cat will be more than happy to hunt house rats, mice, bugs and critters. He may even share his prized catch with you, which is a sign that your cat really cares about you, like how you bring doughnuts home for your child. It may seem quite gross, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

10. Wouldn’t think twice to give you love affirmations

Whether it’s head butting, kneading, or giving you random love bites or scratches, these are all meant to show that they feel happy and content living with you. Especially if he purrs every time he does these things, it shows that he considers himself as part of your family.

However different each cat’s quirks and personality may be, we love them just the same. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more comforting than having a feline – or canine companion you can hang out with anytime.


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