Because pets are family

Nothing gives us more joy than creating nutritionally wholesome food for them.

Because it's goodness you can smell

Open a bag of Wishbone to release the aromatic feast of our fresh ingredients & herbs.

Because we love them no matter what

Discover more ways to best care for your fur-babies.

Because New Zealand is Home

Wishbone is proudly family owned. Located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, our plant produces pet food at the highest standards in the world’s most pristine country.

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Can Cats Eat Thyme?

Not to be confused with cat thyme which carries a different aroma,...


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The flavor and quality of cage-free chicken in every bag.



Learn what dog food is best for healthy teeth?


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We love our pets


That’s why we never settle for anything less than the all-natural, high quality, and highly-digestible free-range meat mixed with fresh produce and specialty herbs for Wishbone.

Zero Growth Hormones

Zero Antibiotics

free-Range Meat

100% Infused with love


Your dog’s sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than yours. Open a bag of Wishbone dog food and that’s goodness you can smell. Your dog’s nose knows!


Open a bag of Wishbone cat food and excite your cat’s appetite. Because each bag of Wishbone contains goodness you can smell, your cat’s nose will thank you for it.

Small Stool? Cool!

Tired of picking up smelly poop? Our all-natural recipes help your pets produce smaller and less smelly stool. Now that’s cool!

Real is always best

Honestly, we don’t like artificial colors and flavors. Each bag is gently made in small batches to ensure that each bowl is packed full of goodness that no other pet food can match. Now that’s as real as it gets!


Natural, wholesome ingredients packed with nutrition.

We strive to use free-range meats from New Zealand that are free of growth hormones and steroids, raised in a stress-free environment. The result is a diet as close to what nature intended, allowing your pet to reach optimal health.


Your dog will savor the rich and satisfying flavors of duck and fish, masterfully combined with a bounty of fresh fruits, infused with aromatic herbs.


Fall in love with the robust flavor of New Zealand king salmon. Found in the most spectacle and pristine ocean in the world, king salmon is an ideal protein source for sensitive dogs.


Escape to the rolling pastures of New Zealand where lambs are given free range to graze and are raised free of artificial hormones. It is no wonder that New Zealand lamb is revered around the world as the most tender and valuable meat.


Catch the full flavor of New Zealand cage-free chicken, raised with zero growth hormones and zero antibiotics. That’s why it is not surprising that cats prefer ROOST’s taste and smell. To them, it’s all-natural goodness made especially for them.








A loving home never runs out of nourishing meals for the family. We can help you stock up your pantry conveniently and deliver your fur babies’ favorite food right to your doorstep.

Simply place a subscription order and we’ll do all the work for you.

How about some fun facts about Wishbone?

Each bag packs a sumptuous artisanal experience for your fur-babies, made more nutritious by choice antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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Bags Opened

Customers from all over the world have enjoyed Wishbone’s gourmet-inspired, nutritious meals!

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Fur-babies from all over are savoring the artisanal goodness of premium meats and herbs in every Wishbone meal.

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Pets Fed

More and more pets have been gratified by each delectable bite of Wishbone Foods!

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Pet Stores trust us

More retailers trust the Wishbone brand and carry our commitment to providing amazing meals for all pets!

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