The pandemic has made access to food and other essentials difficult for all, especially for pet owners struggling during COVID 19. But because pets are family, Wishbone has donated to Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) an outstanding 3000kg (valued at $40,000 in retail) of gourmet dry pet food to help feed NZ pets! That comes out to around 12,000 pet food meals!

HUHA is working with The Salvation Army (TSA) to help distribute Wishbone pet food to NZ pet owners affected by the lockdown. HUHA is delighted that pets around the country will get to enjoy the same quality, all-natural food that the shelter pets are enjoying.
Wishbone Pet Food continues its operations during this period, with production under strict safety controls. Rest assured that our pet food products will be available online and in your favorite pet food stores.

Wishbone is happy to do its share of helping out, especially in times like this. Why not join us to help care for animals in need?

Let’s help #flattenthecurve. Stay safe and exercise responsible shopping.