Crises can bring us together. When COVID-19 hit America, many pet owners lost access to essentials like pet food. Today, Marley’s Mutts and Wishbone Pet Foods are coming together to lend a hand and give dogs and cats the food they need to stay healthy throughout the pandemic.


For the past three weeks, Zack Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, has been gathering bags of pet food and delivering it directly to pet owners in need throughout Kern County.

The county was hit hard by the COVID-19 “stay-at-home” orders. Many pet owners were unprepared for the quarantine and unable to stock up on essentials like dog food for their pets. Some people have resorted to feeding their dogs trash, cat food, or letting their dogs out to scavenge for food on their own.

With families and pets struggling on a daily basis, there’s only so much Marley’s Mutts can do to help the local community. But they are not alone. Wishbone Pet Foods is here to help Marley’s Mutts continue to reach out to families with pets in need.

Because pets are family

Wishbone Pet Foods lives by this mantra. A long-time partner of Marley’s Mutts, Wishbone has been donating over 2,500 pet food meals every month to support the animals rescued by Zack Skow and his team.

But when COVID-19 hit America, we knew we had to come through for our US family. From Wishbone’s usual monthly donation of 2,500 pet food meals, we increased our donation by an additional 4,800 meals for cats and dogs. Bags of Wishbone will be distributed by Zack Skow and his team to families with hungry pets all over Kern County.

“During these trying times, we all need to work as a community and give as much support as possible. By working with Marley’s Mutts, Wishbone Pet Foods is committed to providing premium food to those who need it most,” said Warren Rickard, President of Wishbone-USA.

Above and Beyond

Because pets are family, Wishbone Pet Foods is committed to helping Marley’s Mutts reach out to families and pets in need. Besides the donation of free pet food, Wishbone also offered a large discount on our dry dog and cat food exclusive to Marley’s Mutts.

With the discount, Marley’s Mutts has since been able to help the local community with an additional 2,100 pet food meals for more cats and dogs in need.

“Wishbone, we love you. All of this food is going out to very needy families across Kern County. Thank you so much,” said Skow in a recent post on Marley’s Mutts Instagram.

To Marley’s Mutts we say, you’re most welcome!


If you’d like to volunteer, donate, adopt, or foster a pet during these challenging times, visit Marley’s Mutts at

Wishbone Pet Food continues its operations during this stay-at-home period, with production under strict safety controls. Rest assured that our pet food products will be available online and at your favorite pet food stores. We are more than happy to do our share of helping out, especially in times like this.

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