Leena’s finally adopted after two years of finding the perfect home! 

Leenaa 4-year-old brindle pit bull, was slated for euthanasia in 2019Fortunately, she was saved by Love that Dog Hollywood, a nonprofit organization that rescues abandoned animals. Leena was under rehabilitation for a spinal injury for 3 months when the coronavirus hit which forced Love that Dog Hollywood to close.

Valerie saw the animal shelter’s call out for foster help and decided to give Leena a temporary home. (READ: Everyone deserves a family, so does Leena)

“When they wheeled [Leena] out and carried [her] into my car, I looked into [her] loving eyes, and I knew we were going to figure it out together,” Valerie said on her social post 

Valerie loved posting about Leena on Instagram because she believed that getting her exposed online can increase Leena’s chances of getting adopted. Just a few days after she started sharing about Leena, she received a care package from Brooke, also an animal advocate. “I just about cried seeing this since it was such a sweet and generous gesture from a wonderful person that just wanted to help Leena and us out!” Valerie said on her social post The care package included bags of Wishbone Pet Food products. 

We saw Valerie’s posts and immediately got on board to help Leena find a forever home. 


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Finally, after three months, Kimber and Nate spotted her. “I instantly fell in love with her,” Kimber said. Passionate about adoption and fostering, Kimber started reading all the posts about Leena At first, she wasn’t sure if Leena will be the right dog for her and Nate given Leena’s medical condition. However, when she thought about the reason why they’re passionate about animal rescue – to give an animal the chance to have the best home it could have, she changed her mind.  

Kimber reached out to Valerie and scheduled “meet and greet”. She wanted to see how it felt like to be around Leena. 

“I met Leena at a park and when I first saw her, she is just really cute and adorable,” Kimber said. “Our energy just matched, and I could tell she was very loving and sweet, she was just looking for somebody to take a chance on her and somebody to take care of her.” 

After discussing Leena’s needs with ValerieKimber did a foster-adopt trial. And two days into the trial period, she decided to sign the papers and bring Leena home. She knew Leena is their dog.   


For Kimber, adopting a rescue dog is not just about giving but also making a lifechanging decision for the animal and herself. “Leena is a miracle dog, and we are happy that she gives us so much joy in our lives and being able to see her personality bloom more and more,” Kimber said. “Seeing her getting more comfortable and goofier with us, it is just so rewarding.”  

Leena was just one of the millions of pets being abandoned every year. While she’s lucky to find a foster parent who was willing to take the extra mile to get her adopted, many others aren’t as fortunate.  

More and more animal rescues are promoting and encouraging new adopters and fosters. However, people still turn away from rescues because they fear behavioral problems as well as health issues.   

“No one is perfect and there is no guarantee that the pet you are getting even from a breeder has no medical conditions, Kimber said. Even if they do, you take care of them just like when your child has medical issues because he’s your family. 

Wishbone Pet Food, having spent time helping Leena to gain exposure on social media, was happy to see her finally getting adopted and going to her forever home after all the hardships she had gone through.  – Wishbonepet.com