In some shelters, holding periods are the only thing standing between life and death for an impounded animal. Holding periods determine how long an animal shelter or a pound can keep an animal before they are released or euthanized. It usually lasts around 5 to 7 days.   

However, for Leena, a 4-yearold brindle pit bull, it was as short as 48 hours. She remained unadopted in a Los-Angeles based animal shelter last year. 

Fortunately, she was saved by Love that Dog Hollywood, a nonprofit organization that rescues abandoned, unwanted and surrendered animals. During a visit to a vet for kennel cough, Leena suffered a spinal injury, which made it difficult for her to walk. She was under rehabilitation for 3 months when the coronavirus hit and the rehabilitation center announced that they had to close.  

Valerie Chang, an animal rescue volunteer, saw the rescue’s call for help and decided to give Leena a temporary home.  

“When I picked her up, they had to roll her out in a stroller since she still had trouble walking. After 7 months with me, she seems like she’s fully recovered,” Valerie said. “She’s walking fine but we just don’t take her for long walks but she’s amazing.”   

Even though Leena quickly gets tired from a stroll, this doesn’t dampen her adventurous, fun-loving spirit. According to Valerie, Leena’s always excited to be outdoors and smell everything. She also loves being given attention and cuddles.  

Leena has been up for adoption for two years and Wishbone is proud to be a part of her journey in finding her new forever family. “I do appreciate the quality that Wishbone food has because it is really great and it also solves a lot of issues with bowel movements,” Valerie said. “She definitely seems a lot healthier now.” 

If you or somebody you know can be home most of the time and is willing to love and treat her like family, please don’t hesitate to email Love that Dog Hollywood at You can also find more information about Leena and the organization on Facebook at Love That Dog Hollywood 

“Leena had a long journey and a rough life. She is now finally recovered and ready to find herself a new home with a family that can give her cuddles and is okay with her silly obsession with cars,” Valerie said. –