As saddening as it may sound, your beloved cat can go blind if given the wrong kind of diet. His vision can get impaired in just a few years if you, the pet parent, is feeding him with meals void of taurine. 

What is taurine? 

An amino acid essential for cats, taurine is vital to maintain many of your furkid’s bodily functions. It is needed for: 

  • normal vision 
  • heart muscle function 
  • pregnancy and fetal development 
  • healthy immune system 

Cats are not able to produce the right amount of taurine their body needs to stay healthy. Neither can they store this amino acid inside the body for future use. This is why cats are very prone to being taurine deficient, especially if they eat meals with low levels of taurine. 

Is your cat taurine deficient? 

According to, taurine deficiency almost shows no sign and symptom. You’ll only be able to detect it in your furkid when it’s already too late, when he has developed one or any of the following conditions and diseases: 

  • delayed growth and development 
  • unhealthy pregnancy or underdeveloped offspring 
  • central retinal degeneration, where your cat’s retinal cells degenerate, thus impairing the vision 
  • dilated cardiomyopathy, or weakening of your cat’s heart muscle 

Alternatively, you can bring your furkid to the veterinarian for a complete physical checkup. Take this opportunity to ask your vet on how much taurine your cat needs in his daily diet. This way, you can actively help your cat avoid said conditions and diseases. 

Adding taurine to your furkids’ diet 

Cats need to derive a steady supply of taurine from their diet. And cats can get the most from high quality and highly digestible animal-based proteins. As the pet parent, it is your responsibility to carefully choose the cat food with the right amount of taurine for your cat. 

Look for cat food with taurine on its ingredients list. Also, it’s better to choose ones with clearly defined protein sources like lamb or lamb meal so you can be sure of the protein’s quality. Choose cat food that is made with your furkid’s wellbeing in mind, like Wishbone Pet Foods. 

Treat your cats to Wishbone, a gourmet pet food made with high quality and highly digestible animal proteins from New Zealand, further enriched with the amino acid taurine. Read our labels and you’ll see how our food makes a healthy and appetizing gourmet experience for cats.

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