Like in humans, heart disease is a common health problem in dogs. And it’s up to you, the pet parent, to check if there’s something wrong with your furkid’s heart. With this infographic, you’ll learn to recognize the signs of heart diseases in dogs. Knowing the signs will help you take your dog to the vet asap for medical attention. 

Watch Out for These Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs

Shortness of breath 

Dogs with heart disease have difficulty in breathing. Especially if he’s frequently panting or breathing rapidly even while resting or sleeping, you should take him to the vet. 

Frequent coughing 

An enlarged heart can put pressure on your dog’s airways and make him cough. Have your dog checked if his cough has persisted for more than three days. 

Changes in behavior 

If your dog gets tired more easily, avoids exercise, and/or has become withdrawn and isolates himself, these can be signs of heart disease. 

Swelling of the abdomen 

Heart diseases can cause swelling in your dog’s belly area due to a fluid buildup caused by poor blood circulation. Regularly check for signs of bloating in your dog’s abdomen. 


Fainting or collapsing can be a sign of a serious disease, including ones related to the heart. If your dog faints or collapses at any time, ask your veterinarian for help. 

Fatigue and weakness 

For dogs with heart disease, it’s difficult for the heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen throughout the body. This causes weakness and fatigue in your dog. If your dog struggles in finding the energy for activities he loves, or even just for his daily walks, heart disease could be the cause. 

Early detection and treatment of heart diseases make a big difference. If you suspect that your dog has a heart problem, take him to your veterinarian immediately. 

You can also ask your vet about preventive tips, like recommended exercise routines for your dog or the right kind of diet. We suggest that you give your dog the kind of food that is enriched with taurine, like Wishbone Pet Foods. Taurine is an amino acid that helps keep your furkid’s heart strong and prevent heart-related diseases. Read our labels and discover all the goodness that goes into our foods. 

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