Today is International Cat Day! And to celebrate our love for feline furry family members, we’re featuring The Cat Fanciers’ Association’s top 10 most popular cat breeds in the United States. 

top 10 cat breeds

10 Abyssinian 

Although they are not lap cats, Abyssinians are people-loving and are very loyal to their pet parents. Plus, they’re also among the most intelligent cats! 

9 Scottish Fold 

This breed of cat is well-known for its folded ear, giving it a pixie-like look. Scottish Folds are quiet but love a good companionship. 

8 Sphynx 

Sphynx are popular and hairless cats that are perfect for cat-lovers with cat allergies. Their silly antics yet loveable nature make them a fun companion for both humans, dogs, and other cat breeds. 

7 Devon Rex 

A playful and fun-loving breed, the Devon Rex is described as a cross between a cat, a dog, and a monkey. They love learning and doing tricks, as well as playing games that dogs usually enjoy. 

6 American Shorthair 

American Shorthairs make a great family cat. They’re generally a healthy breed and pretty low maintenance. A basic cat care routine, along with lots of love and affection, can make ASHs live happily for up to 15 years or more. 

5 Maine Coon Cat 

Often described as very dog-like, Maine Coons are large-breed cats that will give you hours of playful fun. They are also known for their unusual love for water. 

4 Persian 

Persians are a breed of cat with elegantly long and thick fur, cute and round face, and a short muzzle. If you want to live with a sweet, gentle, and tame cat, Persians might be an ideal companion for you. 

3 British Shorthair 

Among the oldest breed of English cats, the British Shorthair is a medium to large cat breed that is affectionate and is quick to become attached to their pet parents. They also get along well with dogs, rabbits, and birds. 

2 Exotic 

An Exotic was bred to look like a Persian but with shorter and easier to manage coat. They’re perfect for Persian cat lovers who do not have the time to groom their cat daily. Exotics have a round and soft face which seems to resemble a teddy bear. 

1 Ragdoll 

Its captivating blue eyes, laid-back nature, and beautifully long coat are among the many attractive features of Ragdolls, the most popular breed in the US. A friendly and well-behaved cat, Ragdolls love being cuddled and are perfect furry companions for affectionate families. 

Whatever your cat’s breed is, we wish him or her good health and happiness this International Cat Day! Pamper your cat with his favorite meal today (try Wishbone Pet Foods’ gourmet-inspired recipes!) 

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