DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy is a life-threatening heart disease in dogs. Pet parents are continuously looking for ways to protect their furkids from developing DCM. Although the cause of the disease remains unknown, there’s one secret ingredient in Wishbone Pet Foods’ recipe that can help keep dogs’ hearts healthy: taurine. 

For a healthy heart function 

Taurine is an important amino acid that aids in many bodily functions, especially of your furkid’s heart health. Taurine helps strengthen the heart so it can pump blood efficiently. With a lack of taurine in your furkid’s diet, his heart will weaken and will need to pump harder to circulate blood all over his body. This pressure causes the heart to become inflamed and enlarged, thus can lead to or worsen DCM. 

Is taurine essential? 

For cats, taurine is an essential amino acid as they need to derive it from their diet on a daily basis. For dogs, taurine is not essential because they are capable of making taurine out of two other amino acids: methionine and cysteine. Given that your furkid is healthy and receives both methionine and cysteine from quality protein sources, they can make their own supply of taurine every day. 

However, certain dog breeds experience problems in making taurine. This becomes more worrisome as dogs with DCM, or ones that are genetically predisposed to it, will need a daily supply of taurine in their diets. A low taurine diet can only worsen DCM. This is why Wishbone Pet Foods has supplemented its recipes with taurine right from the beginning. 

“While AAFCO does not require high amounts of taurine for dogs, no requirements for CoQ10 nor L-carnitine in dry food… [Addiction and Wishbone] doubled [its] taurine for dogs when the focus was mainly [on] cats with taurine deficiency,” said holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean-Paul Ly, one of the founders of Addiction Foods and Wishbone Pet Foods. 

A recipe infused with love 

We at Wishbone Pet Foods believe that pets are family. We are every pet parent’s partner in keeping their furkids nourished and happy. All our recipes are enriched with taurine, even without AAFCO adding taurine as a nutritional requirement for dogs. Moreover, we use 8 beneficial superfoods in our recipes, to help boost your furkid’s health even further. 

See our healthy, taurine-enriched gourmet recipes for dogs and cats and you will love all the goodness that’s in Wishbone. 

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