Not to be confused with cat thyme which carries a different aroma, thyme is a well-loved Mediterranean herb that offers culinary and medicinal uses to both humans and our furkids. Read on to find out about the amazing health benefits of this herb for your cats. 

How healthy is thyme? 

According to the ASPCA, thyme is classified as non-toxic for cats. This herb can be a good source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, and Manganese for your pets.  

Feeding your cats with the right amount of thyme can help: 

  • inhibit fungal and bacterial growth due to thymol 
  • support your cat’s immune system 
  • improve your cat’s digestive health 
  • remove hairballs from the digestive tract 

How much is too much? 

As with every food that you’ll introduce in your pet’s diet, start in small amounts. If consumed in small portions, your cat can enjoy this herb’s wonderful health benefits. Your cat will savor and enjoy the fragrant aroma and flavors that this herb adds to your cat’s food. 

If you’re considering using or giving thyme oil to your cat, remember to consult your veterinarian first. 

How to feed thyme to your cat? 

Thyme is a flavorful and versatile herb. Chop off some fresh or dried ones and add it as topping to your cat’s favorite dry or wet food. Remember to choose ones that have no herbicides or pesticides sprayed on it to keep your cat safe and healthy. 

Or you may choose to feed your cat with a gourmet pet food enriched with thyme. We suggest picking a pet food brand that believes in the natural approach to nourishing your pets through using real meats, superfruits, and healthy herbs, like Wishbone Pet Foods! Read our labels and discover our appetizing and nutritious gourmet recipes for both cats and dogs. 

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