For us pet parents, it doesn’t matter if our beloved dog is purebred or not. We believe that all dogs, including mixed breeds, deserve our tender love and care. Because July 31 is the National Mutt’s Day, we are happy to share these five reasons why we love mutts: 

Mutts give you the best of both (or more) worlds. 

Because they are born from mixed breeds, mutts have the traits of different dogs from their lineage. And this includes personality, intelligence, behavior, quirks, and discipline. 

So if you’re looking for an active dog who can keep up on a hike with you or a friendly one that’ll play nicely with your child, there’s surely a mutt that’s right for the job. 

They are wonderfully unique.  

Due to their mixed genes, mutts can come in different shapes and sizes. Whatever you may be looking for, a small or large dog, with a short or long coat, there’s a uniquely wonderful mixed-breed furbaby that’ll catch your attention. 

They are healthier.  

It is believed that mixed breeds are healthier and live a longer life. According to a research from the Institute of Canine Biology, there are 10 genetic disorders that are found more in purebred dogs compared to mixed breed dogs. And this means more time to spend with your beloved mutt furkid! 

Doesn’t cost much to bring home.  

Unlike purebreds that come with hefty price tags, mixed breeds are far more affordable. You can possibly adopt and bring one home for as low as a $75 donation to your local shelter. 

dog hug human mutt

Mutts really need a home.  

Unfortunately, mixed breeds are often shunned due to having no pedigree. And this leads to many mixed breeds being sent to animal shelters, with small hopes of finding their forever homes.  You can help by visiting your local shelter to either donate or adopt a mutt today. 

Purebred or not, our dear mutts can still give us everything that any loving pooch has to offer. And it is important that we, as the pet parent, shower them too with loyalty, kindness, companionship, and love. 


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