Rescuing feline furbabies and fostering them are great acts that anyone can do. It’s a great way to keep them safe and warm until these cats find their forever homes.  

Once they finally get adopted, it’s always a cause for celebration and joy. Here are 3 cat adoption stories that we gathered from our partner cat shelter, Project LUNI Singapore. More importantly, if you find these stories inspiring, you too can be a loving pet parent by adopting rescues instead of shopping for them.  

Nikos and Mylos become inseparable

Nikos was first rescued in 2019. He was barely a day old and still had his umbilical cord attached. Project LUNI quickly responded to help this newborn kitten, even giving him a sibling, Mylos to keep him company.  

The team at Project LUNI saw an immediate bond between the 2 cats. “From that day Nikos and Mylos would become inseparable. We saw them grow into perfect healthy and vibrant kittens. By the time they were 8 weeks, Project Luni found Nikos and Mylos their forever home.” 

These loving pet parents were Steph and Chris. They even managed to get acquainted with their new furbaby sibling, Athena the dog! This is their picture taken in 2020. 

Warehouse cat adopted by a loving cat dad 

Tika and her siblings were found abandoned in a warehouse.  They had a rough start in life, but Project LUNI rescued them and gave them a second chance.  

The rescue shelter said, “Thanks to kindhearted people who rescued them and reached out to us they got a second chance. Tika quickly found her fuuurrever home and was adopted by David, who adores her and says she is growing so fast.” 

Thanks to his efforts, cat dad David is now giving Tika a happy life as of last May 2022! 

Rescue cat warms up to his cat mom 

Sir Toast was once a frail cat, but it only took 24 hours for him to warm up to his new cat mom! He was small and had scabs, but has now grown into a big, healthy cat. 

“I thought to myself, if after everything he’s been through this cat is still willing to trust me, then he must be a pretty special boy.”  

His new cat mom said that, “9 months later he’s blossomed into my healthy, happy, not so little Albert!  Often described as my fluffy shadow, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s now called Sir Albert and loves to cuddle and give his new pet parent lots of love as thanks for getting him off the streets.” 

Do you have extra space in your home for a furry family member? If you’re based in Singapore, check out Project LUNI and give their rescues a home to call their own. Next time, it might just be your story that gets shared for all to see!