New Zealand beef is famous for its superior taste, texture, and nutritional benefits. But what about New Zealand beef makes it so good for you and your pets? 

Nature’s best flavors 

Located at the farthest ends of the earth, New Zealand remains as pristine as ever. The clean air, lush greenery, and gentle climate provide an ideal growing condition for cattle and cows. Under the care and hard work of our local farmers, cows in New Zealand are able to grow in the most natural way, without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. This is why New Zealand produces one of the most pure-tasting, naturally delicious beef in the world. 

Happy and healthy cows 

New Zealand grass-fed cow

Unlike other parts of the world, cows in New Zealand do not live penned up in cages. NZ cows enjoy a stress-free life free to graze on open fields, feeding on healthy grass and vegetation. This all-natural lifestyle produces a leaner, more flavorful meat loaded with nutritional health benefits. 

A highly nutritious meat 

Grass-fed New Zealand beef isn’t just delicious; it is among the most nutrient-dense proteins available. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-fed New Zealand beef: 

  • has fewer calories and fat 
  • offers higher levels of vitamin B and zinc 
  • has more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids 
  • contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that helps lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases 
  • has higher levels of antioxidants like vitamin E 
  • has twice the amount of lutein and beta-carotene 

Give your pets the best of New Zealand 

You can now nourish your pets with New Zealand’s premium grass-fed beef with every bag of Wishbone Graze 

A meat-lovers recipe, Graze is made to please even the most discerning cat and dog. We get our fresh and all-natural ingredients directly from local trusted farmers in the neighboring communities to ensure that our recipes are chockfull of the best meats and superfoods, like fruits and vegetables, seasoned with the freshest herbs 

And because Wishbone Graze is grain-free, gluten-free, and fish-free, it’s a perfect meal for pets with sensitivities to grains and fish. Wishbone Graze is available in 4lb (1.8kg), 12lb (5.44kg), and 24lb (10.89kg) bags for adult dogs, and in 4lb (1.8kg) and 12lb (5.44kg) bags for cats of all life stages. 

Discover more of Wishbone’s healthy New Zealand gourmet recipes for dogs and cats. 

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