Here at Wishbone, we’d like to know more about the people who help us bring our artisanal recipes straight to your homes and to your pets!  

In this series, we’ll talk to our retailers, get to know them a little better, and discover why they support Wishbone Pet Foods in promoting great-tasting meals that are packed with nutritious goodness. 



Address: 17833 1st Ave. S., Suite B
Phone Number: 206-242-9952
Email Address:
Official Instagram Account: @pawsatnormandypark   
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Paws In The Park store front


The story behind the store 

We love animals. We see our store as a way to share our passion with others. It provides us the chance to build relationships with our core customers and enjoy the opportunity to discuss pets and pet products. We also love having the opportunity to support people in need and sponsor animalrelated fundraising events throughout our community. 

Our store has been familyowned for over 15 years. In our small community, our customers/clients have become family, as well. Every person who comes into our store loves animals. With that as the commonality, the interactions we have with our customers are unlike any other business interactions. We want our customers to look forward to coming back to our store. 

In addition to retail, we also have a full-service grooming salon. We currently employ five groomers, who are supported by a staff of four bathers. Combined, our grooming staff have over 40 years of experience. 


What they stand for 

Our mission is to do good for animals and support those in the industry who also do good for animals and the planet.


Paws In The Park Wishbone


Why they support Wishbone Pet Foods 

We chose to partner with Wishbone because of customer requests and the quality of the product. What makes Wishbone special is it being a family-owned company and made in New Zealand. We also share the same mission, which is supporting the environment and animal welfare. 



What to expect when you come for a visit 

Our intent is to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with information, advice, and products to fulfill their furry-baby’s needs. We treat every animal that comes into our store as one of our own. 




Wishbone in one sentence 

Our customers love Wishbone because of the quality of its ingredients, its herbs and fruits, high digestibility, grain-free, and a recipe that results in firmer stools in dogs. 


Thank you to Paws In The Park for sharing your Wishbone experience with all of us. We’re more than happy to be partners with you in bringing great food experiences to pets. 

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