Here at Wishbone, we’d like to know more about the people who help us bring our artisanal recipes straight to your homes and to your pets!  

In this series, we’ll talk to our retailers, get to know them a little better, and discover why they support Wishbone Pet Foods in promoting great-tasting meals that are packed with nutritious goodness. Say hello to My Pet Naturally! 


Address: 3240 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone Number: +1 310-477-3030
Email Address: [email protected]
Official Instagram Account: @mypetnaturally
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My Pet Naturally is the creation of pet lovers Neil and Wendy Massa. Neil and Wendy have fed raw food to their own dogs, Leonbergers, since 1986. Neil, who runs the store on a daytoday basis, has a deep commitment to feeding a quality raw diet as a way to superior health. His last female Leonberger, Brunhilde, lived to be thirteen years olda remarkable accomplishment for a giant breed.  

The raw food in My Pet Naturally comes from suppliers that also deal with meat for human beings. Commercially prepared, large batch raw diets don’t compare to the products that My Pet Naturally sells.  

Wendy supervises the bakery and makes stupendously delicious treats for dogs that people eat too. Think of cinnamon, peanut butter, parmesan cheese, beef, and chicken. There are birthday cakes for dogs of all sizes and cookies in the shape of the things that dogs love most, including squirrels. 

In 2010 My Pet Naturally Clean, a grooming spa for pets, was added to the mix. 

Dog birthday party with cake by My Pet Naturally


The story behind the store 

Neil has been a pet owner all his life. Since his children were small, he has had Leonbergers – a kind, social, and beautiful giant rare breed from Germany. Neil’s experiences with his dogs led him to understand that dogs are not that far removed from the natural world of the wolf; their needs are more wild than domesticated.  He could not find a store that had the supplies he found essential for his dogs’ health–raw food, carefully produced supplements, holistic remedies, and beds, toys, or things for pets that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. 

His wife, Wendy, got a little weary of his complaints that there was no such place and encouraged him to open one himself or get over it.   

In 2006, Neil opened My Pet Naturally and has become an expert in a field that he helped to create. His mission is to continue to find the newest, best, and most natural products for pets in the marketplace at the most reasonable cost, with quality as the defining value. 


Why they support Wishbone Pet Foods 

The decision to bring Wishbone into My Pet Naturally was an easy one–it’s from New Zealand!  

New Zealand is revered as the world’s number one country to find the best ingredients. The salmon used in Wishbone is ranked ‘Best Choice’ by Seafood Watch for sustainable and ethical farming practices. All ingredients in Wishbone come from New Zealand, and this kibble is packed with 8-superfoods like papaya, mango, rosemary, and more. 

Given Neil and Wendy’s commitment to health and well-being, Wishbone is a great addition to the store because it’s cooked at lower temperatures to keep the integrity of the vitamins, minerals, and protein. Plus, the added taurine protects dogs against DCM–a dangerous heart disease. 


What pet parents say about their visit 

5-star from S. Rene Brown 

Such a wonderful staff. Good prices. Please go here for all your puppy needs. They have everything you need, and it’s not overpriced like so many other pet stores in LA. Grooming service too. I highly recommend! 

5-star from D.A. Myrie 

Lois is an awesome groomer at My Pet Naturally. She is phenomenal with Suzy Q and Toodles. Bonus, they have the best pet food accessible in the front of the store; plus, free treats to give your fur baby after a grooming session. Love this spot! Thanks, Lois, for understanding my fur niece and nephew! 


Thank you, My Pet Naturally, for sharing your Wishbone experience with all of us. We’re more than happy to be partners with you in bringing great food experiences to pets. 


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