Here at Wishbone, we’d like to know more about the people who help us bring our artisanal recipes straight to your homes and to your pets!

In this series, we’ll talk to our retailers, get to know them a little better and discover why they support Wishbone Pet Foods in promoting great-tasting meals that are packed with nutritious goodness.



Address: 2929 Bickford Ave Snohomish, WA 98290

Phone Number: 425-322-4012

Official Facebook Page

The story behind the store

The name Bridges refers to bridges of friendship. We wanted to create an inviting place where people and pets could come together and build bonds of friendship. The store is laid out in such a welcoming way that it is a joy for families to come every week, over and over again, and see the fish and animals, meet friends and find their favorite healthy pet products. The selection of products is huge – there’s something for everyone. There are also many gifts and framed art and candy selections.



What they stand for
We try to have anything and everything at a fair price regardless of how small the markup might have to be. Fairness is very important to us. We take a soft approach with customers, not pushing any one product on them but we listen to their inquiry and try to point them in a positive direction with products that will solve their needs. The long-term approach is that over time customers will move from less healthy foods to healthier foods.

Why they support Wishbone Pet Foods
The main reason is because Wishbone is a very high-quality pet food and because they support independent pet stores.

What to expect when you come for a visit
They can expect a friendly welcoming environment. Helpful employees who will do their best to answer their questions and meet their needs. No high-pressure sales here…instead a huge selection and variety of products to choose from. Our fish and reptile rooms are beautiful to behold, and many families come with small children just to make an event of it.

Wishbone in one sentence

A great food made from the highest quality ingredients with the well-being of your pet in mind!

We couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you to Bridges Pets for sharing their Wishbone experience with all of us!

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