The holidays can be quite the festive season for pet owners and their fur-kids. Cats especially can be extra excitable with everything yuletide inside and outside the house, and so it’s important to keep their surroundings safe, for a truly merry, festive season.

 Here are a few things to look out for as we welcome the holiday season with our precious pets:

1. Keep your yule trees and ornaments far from reach.

Cats are particularly attracted to Christmas trees and the ornaments that are hung on them.

Make sure your trees are fixed securely so your pets won’t topple them over and transform your tree into a safety hazard for everyone. If you’re using live trees, makes sure not to put any chemicals in the water or soil, just in case they use it as a litter box or get accidentally ingested by your felines.

Also, consider hanging the ornaments higher than usual, so that your fur-baby doesn’t play with them and accidentally damage them – or the entire tree – altogether. 

2. Holiday food might not be as jolly as you think.

Although that holiday roast seems like a tempting meal for your kitty, it’s best to avoid giving your cats table food. High in fats and sodium, our holiday smorgasbord might contain toxic foods like onions, chocolate, milk and even avocado that could spell disaster for your pet’s digestion.

This season consider giving your cats pet food that’s made home-styled, and seasoned with choice herb botanicals using the purest ingredients, highest quality free-range meat, and organic produce direct from local family farms.

Doing so means she gets the best-smelling, best-tasting treats like everyone else in the family.

3. Having guests over doesn’t need to be tricky.

Cats can be quite territorial and having guests during the holiday season means unfamiliar people dropping by the house. This spells trouble for cats, and so keeping them in a separate room with enough food, water and toys can help minimize the ruckus.

While you’re at it, make sure your indoor cats don’t accidentally run out of the house when the guests arrive, or when carolers drop by for a song or two. Keep doors bolted or at least try to keep an eye on your pets and be mindful every time that front door opens and shuts.

4. Candles and Christmas lights need to be secured.

The warmth of the hearth or a lighted candle can be enticing to most cats, and so it’s important to keep them from getting too close to the flames. Left unsupervised, your kitty can singe her whiskers or worse, burn her paws or her fur.

Keep candles far from your cat’s reach and consider using a fireplace shield or guard to prevent your cats from getting too close to the flame.

5. Keep away the salt and chemical de-icers.

Being the curious critters that they are, cats can accidentally ingest snow when they play outside with you. That’s why it’s important that you avoid using salt and other chemical de-icers when you’re paving a pathway for friends who are dropping by for the holidays.

Large amounts of salt can cause excessive urination and dehydration among cats, which could also lead to sodium ion poisoning for some. So, make sure you check what you use to thaw that snow in the yard, when you’re around playful cats.

Deck the halls with boughs of herbs and treats

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and that’s true for all, including your precious cats. Keeping them safe during this yuletide is easy. All you need is a watchful eye and have plenty of love to go around.