Cats may have certain behaviors that you need to adjust to. These include things like scratching furniture or knocking things off shelves. While it may take time for your feline furbaby to get used to your home, you can make it easier for them by making your place cat-friendly.   

Things like giving them a personal space in your own home is one of the things you can start with. Here are 5 tips you can follow to make your home a place your cats will love. 

Give them a hidey hole 

A place to hide can give your feline furbabies a sense of security. If you’ve seen videos of cats snuggling in cardboard boxes, this is because tight spaces make them feel safe. Instead of being exposed to noise and activity in wide-open spaces, having a place where they can hide in plain sight allows them to relax and enjoy their personal space. 

Provide scratching posts 

Cats scratch their claws to trim them and maintain their sharpness. This naturally means they tend to scratch furniture as well. Keeping a scratching post handy will go a long way to saving you from paying for repairs on chairs or couches.   

The thing about placing these posts at home is that you need to be aware of where your cat prefers to scratch. They may not necessarily be in the living room, but knowing your feline’s habits will make it easier for you because you’ll be offering them the scratching post to use within a place they’re familiar with.  

Litterboxes for potty training 

Litterboxes with anti-odor or self-cleaning features are a great upgrade instead of having them do their business outside or in some unfortunate place in your house. Cats are usually disciplined enough to bury their poop outside, but giving them a litterbox that is well-maintained will help in keeping the rest of your house clean. 

A place to perch on

Having a vertical space at home is one of the most common ways to make your place cat-friendly. It encourages exercise by making cats climb up. It also gives them a vantage point where they can survey their area. Cats love to explore the places they live in, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a high ground where they can see most, if not all, of the place at once.  

A window with a view

Aside from exploring their living spaces, cats love watching things outside. They can do this for hours. It may be boring for them to be cooped up at home with little entertainment, so even if your cats prefer to stay indoors, sometimes watching the world outside gives them a nice change of pace. If nothing else, it also helps break the monotony of playing inside, sleeping, and eating most of the time.  

 These are just some tips that cat lovers often give to new owners. The most important thing is that cats have a place where they feel right at home by themselves. That way, they can have some sense of safety in the home they share with you.