Rescues finding their fur-ever homes always make for a great story. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing pet parents welcome a new dog or cat to their family and give them a warm, loving home where they can live a long and happy life.  

That’s why today, we’ll be sharing 3 stories of pet adoptions from our partner shelter Causes for Animals – Singapore.   

Belle finds a new home 

Due to changes in their circumstances, Belle’s family could no longer care for her. Belle herself also was suffering from seizures and skin problems. But that didn’t stop Olivia, her new furmom, from taking her in despite being a first-time pet parent. Usually, those adopting for the first time would favor healthy dogs, but Olivia and her family did not give up on Belle and helped with nursing her back to health. Belle now lives a healthy, happy life surrounded by people who love her immensely. 

Foster cat Lil John is given a new life 

Feline leukemia virus or FeLV is a disease that weakens a cat’s immune system. Affected cats require regular checkups with the veterinarian to prevent any complications as there is currently no cure.  

While chances of adoption were slim due to costs of veterinarian visits and treatments, Lil John was fostered for a year by Rittika and Raj until he met Huiqian, who was willing to go the extra mile to give him the care and love that he deserves. Huiqian went as far as having her house fixed with safety grills to ensure Lil John’s safety. Despite the odds, Lil John, now renamed Melvin, lives in a happy home with his new pet mom. 

Army camp dog Max finds a new family 

Max was born in an army camp and was the most outgoing puppy in the litter. He was adopted by Stephanie who was all too willing to train him and give him proper socialization. Max now enjoys a happy life living with his human siblings.  

Do you have extra space in your home for a furry family member? If you’re based in Singapore, check out Causes for Animals – Singapore and give their rescues a home to call their own. Next time, it might just be your story that gets shared for all to see!