Who doesn’t love chicken? Its versatility to flavors and seasonings makes it among the world’s most loved meats. But did you know, your favorite chicken meat can taste even better if when raised in New Zealand? Read on and discover what makes cage-free New Zealand chicken so good for you and your pets. 

New Zealand’s favorite meat 

New Zealanders love chicken meat. According to the Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (PIANZ), New Zealanders consume about 82.67 lbs (37.5 kg) of chicken each year. That’s almost 20 whole chickens per person annually!  

To make chicken meat a healthier choice for New Zealanders, the PIANZ, along with the NZ government, regulates the 180 poultry farms found ithe country. All these farms should follow a strict code of welfare and quality assurance. They do this to ensure that every NZ-grown chicken is disease-free, with no added growth hormones and antibiotics, and are of premium quality. 

Raising happy chickens 

New Zealand cage-free chicken

Unlike in many parts of the world, chickens raised in New Zealand do not spend their lives cramped in small cages. The NZ Poultry Industry encourages raising cage-free and free-range chickens. They have also banned the usage of growth hormones on chickens for more than 30 years. And because NZ also bans imports of raw poultry, consumers can be assured that chicken meat and products are a safer and healthier option. 

Cage-free chicken is healthier! 

High in protein and low in fat, chicken meat is a healthy and flavorful meat that your pets will love. Compared to conventionally-raised chicken, farm-raised chickens have higher protein and nutritional content. Feeding your pets with cage-free chicken can: 

  • help build lean muscle mass 
  • give your pets a quick energy boost 
  • be a great source of essential amino acids 
  • provide omega fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and shiny coat 
  • be a source of glucosamine which promotes bone health 

Give your pets the best of New Zealand 

Your cats can now enjoy the goodness of New Zealand chicken too with Wishbone Roost grain-free dry cat food! 

Wishbone Roost’s gourmet recipe contains about 90% protein from premium quality New Zealand cage-free, free-range chicken. Blended with eight superfoods like herbs and fruits, Roost makes for an aromatic treat that’s both healthy and tasty for your cats. 

Because it’s grain-free and all-natural, you can be sure that there is no corn, soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers in your cat’s meal. You can get Wishbone Roost at 4 lbs (1.8 kg) and 12 lbs (5.44 kg) bags for cats of all life stages. 

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