Their cute and round faces, small ears, and fluffy coat are among the many reasons why American Shorthairs (ASH) are one of the most popular cats in the United States. A sociable and loving cat, ASHs are quick to become affectionate with their family members and make wonderful life companions.

Personality and quirks

American Shorthairs are easygoing cats. They are well-known for their quiet and relaxed nature. They won’t cry for your attention all day. These cats love to live calmly and will deeply appreciate a day of cuddles and snuggles with his fur parent. ASHs are also good at getting along with children and even with dogs.

Tales of origin 

The American Shorthair is a breed of working cat from a European lineage. ASHs were brought to North America through a voyage. These cats were used to protect cargo from rodents because of their muscular build. 

In the late 19th century, breeding for a North American Shorthair cat started. The goal was to achieve a breed suitable as an all-around working cat with a beautiful face, easygoing attitude, and striking colors. The breeder’s efforts resulted in the ASH cats we have today. The Cat Fanciers’ Association officially recognized ASH cats in 1906.

Caring for your American Shorthair cat 

A generally healthy breed of cat, American Shorthairs are pretty much low maintenance. As a pet parent, you’ll only need to do these basic cat care tips to keep your ASH in the pink of health: 

  • Provide needed vaccinations 
  • A daily well-balanced diet (we suggest Wishbone!) 
  • Annual trips to the vet 
  • Light exercise 
  • Occasional grooming, but not required 

Following these simple tips along with plenty of love and affection, your American Shorthair can live happily for 15 years or even longer. 

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