Here at Wishbone, we’d like to know more about the people who help us bring our artisanal recipes straight to your homes and to your pets!

In this series, we’ll talk to our retailers, get to know them a little better and discover why they support Wishbone Pet Foods in promoting great-tasting meals that are packed with nutritious goodness.

OUR FEATURED RETAILER OF THE WEEK: Civilized Nature Holistic Pet Supply

Address: 1527 Highlands Dr. NE, Issaquah, WA. 98029

Phone Number: 425-868-3737

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The story behind the store

We have a passion for animals and the positive effect they have on our wellbeing, so why not ensure that they have the very best when it comes to nutrition and health. By providing the most natural of products available, we hope to make a long-lasting impact on the lives of our furry family members and ensure that they are with us for many, many years. 


What they stand for
Our store is built around the belief that the care we give to the animals in our community reflects the spirit of the individuals in our community. We want to promote vital and harmonious lives in our community through the personal care of the animals in it.  

Why they support Wishbone Pet Foods
We feel that Wishbone is a great quality food with high quality ingredients being a New Zealand-made kibble. It feeds like a raw diet and makes it easy to transition to dry food. 

What to expect when you come for a visit
Customers can expect one-on-one customer care and attention to wants and needs. They can expect high quality, natural foods and solutions for whatever is driving them in to see us for. With nutritionally complete and biologically correct foods that we carry, they can expect the very best for their furry pets. 

Wishbone in one sentence
Wishbone is high quality, nutritionally complete kibble designed to ensure your pets are getting the most from their food, providing them with the proper nutrients and energy to live a long, healthy, happy life with us. 

Thank you to Civilized Nature Pet Supply for sharing your Wishbone experience with all of us!

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