Previously, we’ve listed pet holidays for the first half of 2019.

If you enjoyed that post, wait till you read the rest of our complete list of fun and amazing pet holidays for July to December this year!


Pet holidays from July to September 2019 encourage responsible pet ownership and includes holidays meant to remind pet owners to ID their pets, check their chips, take them to the veterinarian, sign them up for insurances, and most importantly, prevent rabies by celebrating World Rabies Day on September 28. 

Adopting homeless and abandoned pets from local animal shelters is also encouraged during International Homeless Animals Day on August 17 and Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week on September 16 to 22. 

Here’s a roster of all the pet holidays for the third quarter of the year:  

July 2019 Pet Holidays 

  • Dog House Repair Month 
  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month 
  • National Pet Hydration Awareness Month 

July 1 – ID Your Pet Day 

July 5 – Pet Remembrance Day 

July 10 – National Kitten Day 

July 11 – All-American Pet Photo Day 

July 15 – National Pet Fire Safety Day 

July 21 – No Pet Store Puppies Day 

July 31 – National Mutt Day 

August 2019 Pet Holidays 

August 1 – DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs 

August 4 to 10 – International Assistance Dog Week 

August 5 – Work Like a Dog Day 

August 8 – International Cat Day 

August 10 – Spoil Your Dog Day 

August 15 – National Check the Chip Day 

August 17 – International Homeless Animals Day / National Black Cat Appreciation Day 

August 22 – National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day 

August 26 – National Dog Day 

August 30 – National Holistic Pet Day 

September 2019 Pet Holidays 

  • Happy Healthy Cat Month 
  • Guide/Service Dogs Month 
  • National Pet Insurance Month 
  • Animal Pain Awareness Month 

September 1 – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day 

September 8 – National Pet Memorial Day; National Hug Your Hound Day 

September 13 – Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day 

September 16 to 22 – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week 

September 19 – National Meow Like a Pirate Day 

September 21 – Puppy Mill Awareness Day / Responsible Dog Ownership Day 

September 22 to 28 – National Dog Week / Deaf Pet Awareness Week 

September 23 – National Dogs in Politics Day 

September 28 – World Rabies Day / World’s Largest Pet Walk


Pet wellness, safety, and protection are the highlights of pet holidays for the last quarter of the year with October being declared as National Animal Safety and Protection Month and National Pet Wellness Month. International pet holidays like World Animal DayWorld Pet Day, and Global Cat Day are also scheduled in October.

In November, pet lovers are encouraged to adopt a senior pet and to help them find their forever homes as they approach their golden years.

Can’t get enough? Here are the pet holidays for the remaining quarter of 2019:

October 2019 Pet Holidays

October 1 – National Fire Pup Day / National Black Dog Day 

October 1 to 6 – National Walk Your Dog Week 

October 4 – World Animal Day / World Pets Day 

October 7 to 13 – Animal Welfare Week 

October 9 – Pet Obesity Awareness Day 

October 10 – National Pet Obesity Day 

October 16 – Global Cat Day / National Feral Cat Day 

October 19 – National Fetch Day 

October 21 – Pets for Vets Day 

October 26 – National Pit Bull Awareness Day

October 27 – National Black Cat Day (UK) 

October 29 – National Cat Day (US) 

October 31 – Halloween

November 2019 Pet Holidays

  • Pet Diabetes Month
  • Adopt a Senior Pet Month
  • National Pet Awareness Month
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month (American Veterinary Medical Association)

November 1 – National Cook for Your Pets Day 

November 3 to 9 – National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week 

November 7 – National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day 

November 17 – National Take a Hike Day / National Black Cat Day 

November 28 – Thanksgiving Day (US)

December 2019 Pet Holidays 

  • National Cat Lovers’ Month

December 2 – National Mutt Day (again) 

December 13 – National Horse Day 

December 15 – National Cat Herder’s Day

December 25 – Christmas 

December 31 – New Year’s Eve

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