It’s 2022, and it’s a great time for New Year’s resolutions. The common ones are always going to the gym more, making time for family and friends, and eat healthier. Making them is one thing, but it’s also another thing to keep them. 

Sticking with your resolutions can be easier if you have someone with you to share it with, and your four-legged friends are great companions for that. So why not shake things up this year by making new year’s resolution with your pets. Here’s a list of recommended things you can promise to do with them. 

1. More walks!

Getting out for fresh air is always nice. For pets, it means getting to take walks in the park or just some plain old exercise. If your area has relaxed rules for vaccinated people, then it’s possible to take your pets out for a short walk just to stretch their legs, then dip back to the house.  

This helps burn any energy your pets may have from being cooped up at home most of the time, and may also help your mental health by bonding with your pet outdoors.

2. More quality time

If taking walks is out of the question in your area, whether it be stricter pandemic restrictions or other circumstances, quality time at home is the answer.  

Playing fetch at home with dogs, bonding with cats over toys, or simply cuddling together on the couch may help with staying indoors for long periods.

3. Consider pet insurance

Getting insurance and healthcare plans for your dogs and cats is another great resolution for the new year. Not only do they save you money in the long run with covered medical costs, they can also help your pets prepare for any unexpected emergencies. Choose a plan that suits your pet and your budget, and have peace of mind from knowing your furry family members are covered.

4. Stay hydrated!

It’s easy to overlook this, but pets need to stay hydrated just as much as you do. If you see your pet drinking too little, it might be a good idea to add water into the same bowl as their food. Water helps keep dogs and cats cool on a hot day and helps flush out the wastes and harmful bacteria. Remember to give them enough of it every day.

5. Give them healthy gourmet pet food

Because they’re part of the family, pets deserve good food just like people do. We all know what makes human food so appetizing: gourmet flavors and aromas we can smell a mile away, made with ingredients we’re familiar with. These can also be found in Wishbone Pet, which is made in New Zealand, the cleanest place on Earth to manufacture pet food. 

Each bag is enriched with 8 Superfoods like Mangoes, Cranberries, and aromatic herbs like Rosemary and Thyme to promote healthy digestion and an added immune boost.  

It’s also made with ingredients like premium Chicken, pasture-raised Lamb, grass-fed Beef, and even New Zealand King Salmon. All are great options you can try for your dog or cat. 

Start the new year with gourmet recipes your pets will surely love.