If you’re a pet-parent living with a dog suffering from food sensitivities, you may feel frustrated about the limited protein choices available in your local grocery’s pet food aisle.

Especially if he’s allergic to chicken and beef – two of the most popular meats used in dog food – where else can you find alternative proteins that your dog isn’t exposed to yet?

Fortunately, novel protein choices like duck meat is slowly growing popular in pet food production to provide options for allergy-stricken dogs.

Duck meat as a novel protein

In reality, duck meat has all the goodness of chicken and beef in one. Like chicken, duck meat is lean, easy-to-digest, and low in cholesterol. And like beef, duck muscle is mostly made up of red fibers, which makes it an iron-rich, red meat.

Flavorful and nutritious, duck meat has amino acids that support strong muscles; Omega-3 fatty acids that help promote healthy skin and coat; and, antioxidants that boost the immune system.

What to look for in a quality duck-based dog food

As responsible pet-parents, you should verify the protein source of your chosen pet food brand.

Duck raised in stressful environments and fed with artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and steroids might do more harm than good for your dog.

You can identify a high-quality duck-based dog food if it lists ‘duck’ as the first item on its ingredients list – not corn or wheat.

Opt for duck-based dog food that is free from preservatives and artificial colors, and is enriched with fresh fruits, vegetables, and added nutrients like vitamins and taurine.

Nutritious, gourmet duck-based food for dogs

If you’re at the grocers looking for quality duck-based pet food, you might want to try Wishbone Lake Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Made with the purest ingredients from New Zealand family farms, Wishbone Lake is made with cage-free New Zealand duck, farm-fresh berries, tropical fruits, and herbal botanicals, harmoniously blended for a satisfying meal that’s full of aroma and flavor.

Wishbone uses fresh ingredients that are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, by-products, fillers, and corn, so you’re assured that you’re feeding your buddy with food you can trust.

What pet parents say about Wishbone Lake

 Here’s what pet-parents like you have to say about Wishbone Lake:

“My German Shepherds love this food! I’ve tried numerous types of dry food that fit my one dog’s allergies and their refined palates (aka picky palates) and finally found Wishbone – she can not only have all types of this food, but she and her sister really like this food. I’ll switch up their protein here and there and get the different flavors, but I’m so glad to have found a food they enjoy!”


“I am totally in Love with this dog food. FINALLY, a healthy food that my dogs love and I can honestly feel good about giving to them! What a wonderful change it has made in their skin, eyes and coat. And for my sensitive Frenchies……..What Allergies?!?!”


**Reviews are from Chewy.com

The next time you’re at the grocers, grab a bag of Wishbone Lake, and find out how duck meat can be a great alternative protein source for your furry friends.

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