Let’s face it. Dogs like their bones. A lot.

And who can blame them for chewing on that leftover bone? Especially since it can be quite delightful and challenging for them too!

For the longest time, dog lovers – and other pet owners for that matter – have used the trusty old bone to calm uber-excited puppers whenever they feel the urge to jump around and crave for a ‘chew toy’.
They may look cute at first, with those bulging puppy eyes and sweet whimpers while begging for their favorite bone that doubles as their go-to chew toy at times, but like what they always say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and this case, it might sadly be your beloved dog.


Say no to the bone

Giving your dog that old bone might look cute at first, especially when he or she decides to gnaw on the good parts, but sadly few owners consider the dangers of gnawing on old leftover bones.

These bones can break into sharp pieces that once swallowed, can lodge along the dog’s windpipe, or abrase the gum lining – or even worse, tear his vital airways, which may lead to serious consequences. These, among other potential dangers, are excruciatingly painful for both your pet and you, the pet owner.

Of course, old school pup owners would argue that giving their pets old leftover bones help develop their jaw’s grip, while it cleans their teeth along the way. However, pet care has progressed so far that we really don’t need that old bone anymore just to help our pooches to clean their canines and improve their gnawing techniques.

Be a better pet-parent

Since the introduction of pet-friendly chew toys and treats into the market, pet lovers have been provided a wider array of options to choose from, to help their dogs maintain good oral care and overall dog health.

Using food-based chew toys, some of which have been designed to be flavored treats for example, do wonders for oral healthcare among dogs, giving them enough opportunity to enjoy their gnawing games, while ensuring that their teeth are cleaned and their grips are strengthened as well.

Synthetic and multi-material-based toys have also created a better alternative for that old leftover bone, providing the same impact, with lesser chances of getting your pooches choke on sharp pieces, and yet give them the same level of enjoyment and oral care functionality.

Being a better pet parent means making that wiser choice to choose a better option for your dogs. This means being able to discern which, among everything that concerns their health and well-being, is more effective, safe and as efficient in giving them quality pet care.

Look for grain-free meaty bites like Addiction Foods’ holistic dry food treats, bursting with delicious free-range meats – the perfect way to treat your dog.

Like choosing the right chew toys, pet-parents also need to be discerning with the food that their pets eat. Choose pet food made with all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients like Wishbone, which are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and are both gluten and grain-free.

So, the next time your pupper asks you for his or her chew toy, be the better pet-parent, and give them a wiser alternative. Instead of that old leftover bone, consider giving them a food-based chew toy, and throw in some pet treats as well. Trust us when we say, it would be best for both you and your best buddy.

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