Roads are cleared of traffic and most people stay indoors during this season: the holidays truly are a perfect opportunity to go out and travel with your cat for a one-of-a-kind road trip.

Such excursions are a great opportunity for you and your cat to bond and help build her confidence and ease when you decide to go for longer trips.

Your cat-essentials for the trip

Before throwing your bags into the trunk, here are a few travel essentials you’ll need to look out for, to make sure that road trip goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Before going on your trip, have your fur-babies checked by the vet to make sure they don’t get car-sick. Get the necessary prescription meds to help them enjoy the trip as much as you would.

2. Make sure your pet is wearing her ID tag even before she gets on the car. A lot of cats and other pets get lost during trips either after they get accidentally loose or get lost during the trip, especially since cats become instant escape artists during such trips.

3. Aside from your own stuff, pack travel essentials for your cats as well:

  • Cat Litter/Litter Box. It’s difficult to clean up after they do business during the trip, so make sure you’re prepared for this eventuality!
  • Cat food. Have enough cat food for the trip, just so you can keep their diet stable during the car ride. Have some treats packed as well.
  • Cat toys. They can get bored easily, so make sure you have safe cat toys in the car to keep them busy.
  • Sprays. During pit stops, they can encounter parasites and other critters if they roam around while leashed, so better bring a bottle or two of anti-flea and tick spray with you.
  • Medication. Bring all your pet’s prescribed medicines, especially if they’re suffering from any specific conditions. It could be hard to find a pharmacy to buy their medicines once. you’re on the road. Bring prescription tranquilizers only as a last resort, even for uneasy furry travelers.

4. Do some practice travelling with your cat to acclimatize them with the road trip. Go for short distances at a time and give them treats while you’re doing your practice drive together.

5. Use a sturdy carrier that’s big enough for them to stand and move around. Secure the carrier to the seat using seat-belts. A few days before the trip, you can also try placing a towel or blanket where your cat sleeps, to get the smells of home onto the towel. You can then set this towel inside the cage to calm them during the trip.

6. While you’re at it, line the sides of the carrier with more blankets and towels for a less bumpy ride. This also helps drown out the traffic noise. Likewise, playing the radio softly also helps reduce any unnecessary noise.

7. Give her some food a few hours before leaving. Make sure your cat has taken a light meal at least 4 hours before your car trip. Bring plenty of water and let her have her fill during pit stops. Never feed your cat while you’re on the road, to avoid having upset stomachs.

Make sure to give them all-natural, high quality, and highly-digestible free-range meat mixed with fresh produce and specialty herbs

8. Never leave your kitty in a parked car. Even with the window cracked open under the shade, temperatures inside a car can still get hot enough to cause heatstroke. Likewise, cold temperatures can freeze your cat.

Going on a road trip with your cat during the holidays is a great way to strengthen the bond that you have for each other, because pets are family.

Give your cats the same kindness, love, and respect we would give to any family member, by keeping them safe this holiday season, whether you’re on the road or at home.

And make your trips even more enjoyable by making sure they get only the purest ingredients, highest quality free-range meat, and organic produce direct from local family farms in their pet food.

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