Every pet parent wants to be his dog’s most favorite buddy. However, there are times when this is not the case and your dog might like your spouse or sibling more. It makes you feel sad, especially when you are your furkid’s primary caregiver. 

It takes time and effort to become your dog’s MVP or Most Valued Person. Read this infographic to discover some helpful tips. 

How to be your dog's favorite buddy

Introduce yourself early on  

Dogs form a bond with the person who took care of them during their earliest stage of life: from birth to about six months of age. Everything your pup experience during this period will influence his preferences, behavior, and attitude for the rest of his life.  

This is also the ideal time to give him positive interactions with other people, animals, and activities so he’d understand how to interact and socialize with them later on. 

Give them lots of love and care  

Like us, dogs love being pampered too. It feels good to have someone by their side to love them and care for them. Physical touch can also help strengthen the bond between you and your furbaby. So don’t forget to give him lots of cuddles, brushing, and relaxing massages. 

Matching personality matters  

Sharing the same personality and traits with your dog can help improve your bond. Oftentimes, dogs choose their favorite person based on their energy levels. For instance, outgoing dogs love to bond with active people while more reserved ones prefer calm people more. 

Provide daily undivided attention  

Dogs love attention and affection. They would prefer someone who spends quality bonding time with him. Simply spend at least 30 minutes a day focused only on your dog. You can play games, learn or do tricks, or go on outdoor adventures together. 

Give them irresistible reasons to like you  

Dogs tend to associate people to things they experience, be it good or bad. This means that the people they like are those who pamper them and make them feel good. If you’re the main source of the good stuff a.k.a. the delicious meals and tasty treats, he’ll definitely love to see you and bond with you every day. 

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