Your pet’s stool says a lot about his nutrition and health.  

As a pet parent, take time to observe your pet’s stool and his behavior when taking a number 2 because it can tell you a lot about his digestive health. 

Remember to look out for the following in your fur-baby’s poop, to make sure he’s healthy! 


Light to dark brown-colored stool is considered healthy and normal. Yellow stool may be a sign of liver problems in your pet. If his stool is red or black, it may indicate bleeding in the digestive tract. If you see any of these bright colors, take him to your vet asap. 


Your pet’s stool should only have a mild odor. Strong smells mean that there is something wrong in his digestive system.  


A firm, but not hard, sausage-like appearance is what you’re looking for in his stool. The ideal poop should hold its form well even before you pick it up. Ask your vet for advice if your pet’s stool is too hard, loose, or watery. 

Always remember that good nutrition is vital in keeping your fur-babies healthy, inside and out. 

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