Pet-parents can all agree that pet food needs to be both a nutritious and a memorable experience that your fur-baby can share with you.

Both palatability and digestibility go hand-in-hand to determine how much nutrients his meal can provide.

Highly digestible food helps your pet to get more nutrients from his meals, while palatability means his food is appealing and satisfying just as it is nutritious for him.

When he absorbs more nutrients, this promotes healthier digestion that results in lesser waste production. Lesser stools then mean an overall satisfying pooping experience altogether.

What healthy poop is 

Your fur-baby’s stool can be a great indicator of how healthy his tummy is, so you’ll need to take special notice of their stools and how comfy they are when they do a number 2. 

Here’s what healthy poop should look like: 

  • COLOR. Normal stool color is light to dark brown (like Tootsie rolls!). If it’s red, yellow and/or black, have him checked by the vet immediately. These dark colors may indicate bleeding in the digestive tract, intestinal linings or be related to issues in the pancreas or kidneys. 
  • ODOR. Mild stool odor is alright. Strong smells might indicate that something is wrong with his digestive system. Check for contents in the stool as well, such as bits of rock, plastic or grass since he may be eating non-food items when he’s out playing. 
  • TEXTURE. Firm stool texture is great! If his stool is too hard, loose, or even watery, have him checked by the vet immediately. Ideal dog poop should have Play-Doh consistency, and holds its form even before you pick it up. 


Squeamish about checking for yourself? Here’s a visual representation.

Remember to watch out for stools that look like cracked sausages. See a vet immediately if their stools become too hard or watery. 

An allnatural, highly digestible formula means lesser waste that makes for a comfortable, more satisfying pooping experience.  

Better digestion means improved waste production, which makes for a satisfying pooping experience for your fur-babies and easy pick-up for you. 

Give your dogs a #HappyPoopFace with Wishbone dog food!

Happy poop for a happy pup 

Each bag of Wishbone is carefully formulated with highly digestible premium proteins, mixed with choice herbs and fruits to make it a complete and satisfying meal for them. 

Wishbone pet foods are cooked in small, single batches to seal in all the freshness as well as the nutrients, making every meal both palatable and nutrient-rich. 

What’s more with Wishbone, mealtime is a real treat for the senses! 

Satisfy your best buddy’s cravings for high quality meat protein that’s seasoned with choice herbs and fruits, to make every meal a unforgettable experience. 

Wishbone’s recipes are also 100% grain-free and gluten-free, helping them absorb more of the good stuff, improving their digestion in the long run.  

With a non-growth hormone, zero-antibiotics formulation that uses free-range meats, this means that like you, Wishbone never settles for anything less than the all-natural, high quality artisanal meals for your fur-babies, because they’re just like family.  

Grab a bag of Wishbone Foods from a store near you. 

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