Seeing injured animals on the road is distressing. But to help them, it’s important to remain calm to prevent causing more trauma.

That is precisely what Kay Chow, an independent community cat feeder and rescuer, did when she saw a white and ginger cat lying helpless at Shaw Road last July 28. “I didn’t have a carrier with me. So, I carried Kitty Kang Kang into a makeshift carton box and called for a taxi to bring him to the nearest 24-hour vet clinic,” she said. According to Kay, Kang Kang in the Chinese language(建建康康) means healthy and well. 

At the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital – Singapore, the veterinarian confirmed that Kitty Kang Kang was hit by a fast-moving vehicle, dislocating his spine. For 5 days, he was in 24-hour intensive care and tube feeding to help him take medicine, water, and food. 

Kitty Kang Kang at the Animal World Vet Clinic

Kitty Kang Kang is just one of the 13 stray cats Kay has rescued since Singapore implemented preventive measures in response to the pandemic. While she works full time, her resources alone aren’t enough to cover all their needs. So, she transferred Kitty Kang Kang to the Animal World Vet Clinic, a non-emergency clinic, as soon as he was stable enough to help keep the vet bills down. From feeding and monitoring his temperature to cleaning up after him to prevent urinary tract infection, Kitty Kang Kang remained dependent on the vet assistants to look after his daily needs. Even after being transferred to foster care, he needed round the clock monitoring. 

Kitty Kang Kang undergoing acupunctureKitty Kang Kang’s fosterer has adopted two of Kay’s community cats a few years back. That’s why she’s thankful especially now that he’s undergoing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture sessions to give him a chance at regaining his mobility.

“My biggest hope for Kitty Kang Kang now is for him to stand up, walk again, and be able to find a good home for the rest of his life,” she said. 

You can help Kitty Kang Kang walk again. To extend help, please contact Kay at –