Humanization is still one of the year’s biggest trends across products and services in the pet industry, although it has been around for quite some time. 

Everywhere, both new and seasoned pet-parents are continuously looking for ways to integrate their pets into their lives and have them replicate many activities first thought to just be intended for people. 

This isn’t surprising since our fur-pals have played increasingly significant roles in our own well-being and lifestyle in the past few decades. 

More and more, we’re seeing pets taking over their pet-parents’ social media accounts, with some even becoming full-blown celebrity endorsers and influencers themselves!

Here’s what’s happening

We’ve seen them everywhere: dogs wearing shoes, cats donning ascots, pets strolled around in prams, and pooches and tabbies in carry-ons and specially-designed backpacks with those peek-a-boo windows that make us go, ‘Aww.’

We’ve seen them post their jaunts around the world, visiting places that many of their followers on Facebook and Instagram have only dreamed of visiting, while enjoying the company and the adoration of everyone surrounding them. (Here’s how you can keep them safe when you travel.)

Pets doing ‘hooman’ (an urban term referring to people, usually pet owners) things has become more commonplace nowadays in more ways than one. And it’s likely to continue becoming so, as we treat our pets as part of the family more and more.

Humanization in the pet industry is everywhere; it’s in apparel, in travel and leisure, in accommodations and relaxation services, even in healthcare and in investments. Pundits are pointing out that these humanization trends show how much our pets may actually be taking over our own lifestyles.

And while not everyone can become full-fledged commercial models endorsing clothing for pets and humans alike – not to mention become jetsetters for those of us who dream of becoming one ourselves – trust that our furry buddies will continue to dress up in awesome apparel and visit cool places to warm the hearts of those they encounter and inspire more pet-parents to make their pets even more integral parts of their lives.

Pet food isn’t spared

Food is no different. The movement to ‘humanize’ food for pets has led to an entire movement on homecooked meals based on what’s in the oven, but let’s talk about that some other time, shall we?

Humanization also now refers to pet food that pet-parents can opt for their pets, which have been inspired by human food, i.e. they feature recipes that resonate what you’d normally have for the day on your own breaktime or special occasions.

Artisanal recipes using herbs to heighten the gourmet experience, is starting to gain a solid following. Undeniably, pet-parents are seeing both the nutritional and tasty value of such recipes.

To illustrate this, Nielsen shared how many pet-parents have gone for higher quality pet foods that respond to the same health concerns faced by human food, while also remaining to be consistently palatable for dogs and cats.

Pet food prominently featuring aromatic herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme, coupled with grain-free, gluten-free meat proteins, make for an enticing meal that’s sure to satisfy both your fur-babies’ senses and tummies.

In the end, pet-parents like you know that what’s good for you can be good for your fur-babies as well. This means opting for pet food choices that are made with gluten-free, grain-free meat proteins free from artificial preservatives, GMOs and unnatural colors, sourced from one of the cleanest places on the planet, New Zealand.

The next time you think about trying something you love for your pets’ health, grab a bag of Wishbone pet food and see how you can give your pet-babies a whole new experience through premium gourmet pet food.

Because really, what’s good for you can be good for them too.

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