Dogs and cats are officially part of the family.

We love and pamper them like our own children. But have you ever wondered if they feel the same way about you? Of course, they do!

Here are some ways your dogs and cats shower you with love, in their own unique ways.


  1. Wakes you up every morning. Dogs are very excited to spend time with you each day that they try to wake you up very early in the morning, even before your alarm clock rings.
  2. Stops you from leaving the house. And he does this by using his irresistibly cute puppy eyes that melt your heart. You’re sure to be tempted to cuddle with him instead of going to work.
  3. Invites you to play. And your dog does this almost every five minutes. In fact, he’s about to approach you now with a ball in his mouth.
  4. Gives you lots of kisses. Your dog is so sweet that it makes you think he gives you more smooches than everyone in your household.
  5. Follows you everywhere to please you. He doesn’t want you out of his sight because he’s eager to show you that he’s the best companion you’ll ever have.


  1. Routinely wakes you up at almost the same time. Not for a bowl of his favorite Wishbone cat food, but to offer you some help. Cats are creatures of habit so your cat will get used to your routine eventually.
  2. Allows you to calmly leave the house. Your cat won’t make a scene if you’re leaving the house because he wants you to feel assured that he can fend for himself while you’re away or so you think – until you come home to fallen objects and shards on the floor.
  3. Helps you with work or chores…by actively ‘getting in the way.’ But it is not his intention to interrupt you. He simply wants to spend more time with you and maybe cuddle – if he feels like it.
  4. Gives you paw massages. Studies say that kneading is an action that kittens do to get milk from the mother cat. If your cat tends to knead on your lap, it means he’s showing that he loves and ‘kneads’ you.
  5. Offers you ‘gifts’ to please you. It may seem quite gross, but your cat brings you gifts (like dead mice or birds), it’s because he cares for you. It’s not cake or doughnut, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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