Summer is the best season to go in an adventure and have fun in the great outdoors with our furkids. And among the nicest summer destinations that you and your furbaby can visit is a lake. Aside from the great views of nature, warm breeze, and a cool splash of freshwater, here are some activities that can help make your summer lake trip with your dog even more exciting. 

Go for a boat ride 

Appreciating beautiful scenery in the middle of the lake while chilling out with your furkid is a pleasant and memorable experience. You can either use your own boat or rent one in your selected destination. Just remember to equip life vests for you and your dog, just in case your dog suddenly feels like jumping off the boat to swim. 

Swim in the lake 

On a hot day, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in cool water. Let your furbaby beat the summer heat by swimming in the lake with you. Ask your guide first if dogs are welcome to swim in the lake. Also, don’t forget to equip your furbaby a life jacket for safety measures! 

lake summer trip

Play fetch in the water 

This is an inexpensive way to play and have fun in the lake with your furbaby. All you need is to have a floating toy for your dog. Simply toss the toy in the shallow part of the water and ask your dog to retrieve it for you. It’s an awesome way for your furbaby to get some exercise while having fun. 

Enjoy your favorite meals together 

Many lake destinations allow people to bring their own food or even do barbecues. Whip up your best picnic recipes for your family and friends to enjoy. Of course, don’t forget to pack up some snacks, water, and food for your furbaby. We recommend Wishbone Lake’s gourmet dog food recipe, made with cage-free New Zealand duck, farm-fresh berries, tropical fruits, and herbs, harmoniously blended for a satisfying meal that’s full of aroma and flavor. 


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