Cats don’t talk, but they do send signals and communicate with us in their own special way. Your cat’s eyes, ears, and the sounds she makes are good indicators of how she currently feels. In the same way, the position of your cat’s tail can tell you what she’s thinking, like if she’s in the mood to play. 

Check out our infographic and discover how to decode your cat’s tail language. 

cat tail language

Held high and upright

What it means: Confidence and happiness 

A tail held straight up with a slightly curved tip means that your cat is expressing confidence and feelings of contentment. 

Curved, like a question mark

What it means: Friendly, ready to play 

If you notice a question mark figure in your cat’s tail, this means that she’s being friendly and is in the mood to play with you.

Straight down and low

What it means: Feeling aggressive or in a serious mood 

This signals that your cat is either in a serious or bad mood and may show aggression. Don’t attempt to pet her while she’s in this state. Instead, try to figure out what’s upsetting her.

Puffed up tail

What it means: Frightened or agitated 

This shows that your cat is very scared of something and is trying to fight off whatever’s causing the agitation.

Tucked between the legs

What it means: Being submissive or feeling nervous 

Tucking her tail in between her legs is a sign of fear and can also mean that she is in pain. Try to address the cause of her nervousness or reach out to your veterinarian for a health check-up.

Swaying slowly, side-to-side

What it means: Focused, something caught her interests 

A tail that sways sideways means that your cat is focused on something. We commonly see this when our cat is ready to pounce on her prey or on her favorite toy.

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