Here in the United States, we celebrate National Pet Month to appreciate the mutually-beneficial relationship pets and humans have. And this holiday means much more to us who treat our pets as an official part of our family.

This month of May, we suggest trying these fun and meaningful tips with your whole family to help you celebrate this occasion: 

Sign up your family for pet welfare volunteer work 

Dogs and cats in pet shelters are either abandoned or homeless. They long for a family member’s warm touch and care. 

Celebrate the National Pet Month by taking your family and friends to your local pet shelter for some volunteer work. It would be nice if you can donate food and blankets, but spending time to play with the pets, helping the staff in tasks like bathing the dogs or brushing the cats are highly appreciated, too. 

And while you’re there, you can also take the opportunity to look for a pet to adopt. Not only will you be giving an unwanted pet a second home, but you will also be saving him from possibly being euthanized.

Hold a pet appreciation party with your family and friends 

Another way to celebrate this special pet holiday is by inviting other pet parents for a pet appreciation party. Prepare fun games where the pet and his pet parent will have to work together to win, like fetch or an obstacle course. And don’t forget to keep some tasty treats or dry kibbles handy to keep the pets entertained, like Wishbone Pet Foods’ irresistible gourmet recipes!

Educate family members about responsible pet parenting 

The first step to becoming a responsible pet parent is to treat your pets like family. You must acknowledge that your pets need you and it is your responsibility to take care of your furkids forever.  

Speaking of family, educate your kids early about how dogs and cats are living creatures too. Pets have specific needs like us. Encourage younger family members to involve themselves in taking care of your pet. This may include simple enough tasks they can handle like walking, feeding, or teaching your pet some tricks.

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