Cats are tidy and they instinctively bury their waste. Because of this natural trait, teaching your feline companion to use the litter box can be an easy task. But then, you may still encounter challenges depending on your cat’s personality and quirks. 

To help train your cats in successfully using the litter box, here are some tips:

litter box

1. Choose the right litter box

Choosing the perfect litter box usually depends on the personality of your cat. Some cats are more comfortable if it is a bit bigger as it gives them more room to bury their waste. You may also need to consider getting one with low side panels to help them enter and exit it with ease. Some cats, however, prefer covered litter boxes as it gives them privacy while doing their business.

2. Provide an extra one

If you have extra space in the house, it’s better to provide your cat with two litter boxes, especially if he isn’t comfortable using one yet. If you have more than one cat, it is recommended to have at least one for each cat, plus one more as an extra.

3. Determine the right location 

Observe your cat’s behavior. Identify where in the house he seems more comfortable in doing his business and put the container there. If ever you do not want him to relieve himself in a specific place, simply place his food and water bowl there and your cat might change his mind.

4. Slowly introduce the litter box 

Take time in getting your cat comfortable with the new item in the house. You, as his parent, may need to show him that it is a safe place. To do that, try playing with him beside it until he feels the need to excrete waste. Once he does, gently lift him into it and show him how to bury his waste by scooping some litter into the poop. If he has successfully used the litter box, don’t forget to praise him and pamper him with a tasty treat or dry food (we suggest Wishbone’s irresistible gourmet recipes).

5. Keep it clean

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cats are instinctively tidy and will not use the litter box if it stinks. Scoop out the poop at least once or twice a day and clean it with soap and water at least once a week. It is also recommended to use unscented litter to avoid allergies and other health problems.

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