It’s summertime and as pet parents, we need to keep our furkids well hydrated. Because water helps regulate body temperature, it would be nice if they can drink lots of water, especially during very hot days.  

But if your furkid only drinks water when he feels thirsty, try these fun and interesting ways to sneak in more water to your furkid’s daily intake. 


Get more water bowls.  

Place a water bowl in areas of your home where your dog or cat usually hangs around. Your furkid may get encouraged to drink more water if he sees his water bowl more often. 

Prepare pet-friendly popsicles.  

Some dogs and cats love licking ice cubes. You can make it healthier and more nutritious for them by adding crushed bits of fruits like blueberries or cranberries. Alternatively, you can search for some pet-friendly popsicle recipes online. 

Whip up some smoothie.  

If ice cubes or popsicles aren’t your furkids kind of thing, try smoothies. There are also pet-friendly smoothie recipes available online, just make sure that you choose ones without added sugar in it. 

Provide a water fountain.  

Not only fun or relaxing to look at, a water fountain equipped with filters circulates the water continuously. This helps keep your furkids water fresh and clean all day. 

Add water to your furkids meal.  

Because our pets mostly get hydrated through food, you can add some water to his kibbles (like Wishbone’s gourmet dry food) and let it soak for a few minutes. Aside from the added water intake, this can also be an interesting alternative to your furkids usual crunchy meal. 

Be on top of your furkids water consumption to prevent dehydration, heatstroke, and other complications associated with these health problems. If you notice an unusual and sudden change in your dog or cat’s water drinking habits, consult your veterinarian. 


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