Christmas is a time of giving. If you’re looking for a way to help animals this holiday season, supporting shelters by promoting their adoption events on your social media, donating funds, or supplying food, beddings, and other necessities are good means to spread the holiday cheer. That way, the dogs and cats get extra love from fellow pet parents. 

If you’re looking for pet charities or shelters to send supplies to, here are some of our recommended picks from around the world.  

1. New Zealand – HUHA

HUHA in New Zealand is the country’s leading no-kill shelter, which means there are lots of senior pets here too. They advocate animal welfare and are very proactive in getting the community to care for our four-legged friends everywhere. 

It was originally the Pakuratahi Farm Animal Sanctuary, founded by Carolyn and Jim McKenzie. In 2008, the facility rebranded as HUHA, Helping you Help Animals. HUHA’s mission isn’t just about finding someone to adopt animals and stopping there. They also have an online education resource for people to learn from and share with others. Since then, they’ve also expanded from pets to horses, bees, and other wildlife.  

The animals under their care could always use food, supplies, or even company if you’re willing to spend time volunteering. They also have a Facebook page if you want to check out what’s new with them. 

2. Singapore – Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter

The Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) in Singapore is a registered non-profit dog shelter since 2006. Its mission is to rescue strays and abandoned dogs from the streets, giving them a warm and loving home.  

OSCAS’ mission started in 2004, when its founders were feeding strays in the then-forested area of Changi. The land was eventually cleared for development, but the strays were rescued from being culled and eventually relocated to the Ericsson Pet Farm.  

Today, OSCAS continues to be a shelter for rescues in its new facility in Sungei Tengah, where their founders Mary and Anita together with their volunteers provide a loving home for these dogs.  

If you want to know exactly what they need for their rescues, their site also posts a Christmas wishlist, which includes food and medicines that their dogs will always need. Check out their Facebook page for more details. 

3. United States – Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in California is a recognized nonprofit organization. Much like OSCAS, it’s also dedicated to caring for and rehabilitating lost and abandoned dogs.  

Much like OSCAS, Marley’s Mutts advocates rescuing strays from streets and keeping them from being culled.  

They also take things one step further with advocacies such as having incarcerated individuals take care of pets, training therapy dogs, and relocating pets from high-volume shelters to places where they’re in great demand. By fostering these bonds, they believe doing so makes a paw-sitive change in the community.  

What’s great about this shelter is that they’re also making a special ranch to shelter their animals for years to come. You can also visit their Facebook page to see what’s new! 

These shelters will always need supplies like food, medicines, and pet beds. No matter where you are in the world, these 3 shelters can always use the extra hands and during the holidays!