Last week, we celebrated National Trivia Day with cool facts about man’s best friend. The celebrations aren’t over yet because this week, we’re giving you 10 awesome facts about our lovely feline friends:

1. Cats can taste scents. Cats have a scent organ called the vomeronasal, located in the roof of their mouths. If ever you’re wondering why your cat frequently stares with his mouth open, his probably tasting the scents in the air.

2. Their vision is similar to humans with red-green color blindness. Cats can distinguish blue among other colors. However, they can’t tell red, from brown, or green.

3. Cats have a rough tongue that feels like sandpaper. Cats use their rough tongue to clean the meat off a bone, to groom their coat, and to fish out excess hair that has entered their throat.

4. Cats can do up to 100 different vocalizations. Because cats are social animals, they use their voice to communicate. And interestingly, adult cats can meow to communicate with humans and do it to say hi, call our attention, ask for food, or let us know that they want something.

5. A cat’s tail tells a lot about his mood. A relaxed tail moving gently side to side means your cat is open for some attention. A tail held straight and high means he’s in-charge and happy. A lowered, fluffed out tail signifies fear. And if his tail is lightly brushing and wrapping around your legs, he’s giving you affection and approval.

6. Kneading, or making biscuits, is a sign of happiness and contentment. It’s an instinctive behavior that kittens do to get milk from their mother. If your adult cat tends to knead your lap as you pet him, he’s telling you that he loves you.

7. They sleep for about 12 to 16 hours a day. And they sleep for about 70% of their lives, although there are no known reasons or benefits of why they sleep for so long! Cats sleep so much that a cat has only been awake for three years by the time he becomes nine years old.

8. Cats cannot taste sweetness. Cats are believed to be the only mammal that lacks a sweet taste receptor. If your cat eats sweet food like ice cream, it is most likely because of other flavors present in the food and its texture, not the sweet taste.

9. All cats have claws curved downward. This is the reason why they get stuck in trees. Because of the way their claws are, they cannot climb back down head-first without falling off the tree. To safely climb down, they must go down backwards, which is not in a cat’s instinctive behavior.

10. Like dogs, the most common health problem in cats is obesity. Obesity is a big deal because it may cause shorter life expectancy, heart problems, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, liver diseases, skin problems, increased risk of infections, and even cancer. If you think your cat has a thicker fat layer than fur, check out these tips on how to turn your fat cat into a fit cat.

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